How to deploy with WebMatrix using FTP

Authoring Tools > WebMatrix
To publish an application using the FTP feature in WebMatrix, please refer to these instructions
Where can I find my FTP login info, please click here
  • Click the lower portion of the Publish button, then click Settings
  • Select FTP from the Protocol drop down menu
  • Server Name: It is FTP address, your can find it  from your hosting control panel -->Hosting manager -->FTP manager.
  • Site Path: leave blank and it will default to the account root folder
  • Username: Your FTP username, eg, demoaccount-001
  • Password: Your FTP account password
  • Destination URL: make sure this is in proper URL format. For Example:
Click Save to save your settings and you can now publish by using the Publish button.

Note:  After each publishing, WebMatrix will create a log.  You can view the log at the bottom portion of WebMatrix labeled Published Complete.  Click on the link Log.  If you have any problems publishing, please copy that log and provide it to the support staff for review.