Persits ASPEmail sample code

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NOTICE:  Trial account does not have SMTP service. Therefore, you cannot test this in your trial account. We do this to prevent spammer from taking advantage of our Free Trial Service.

You should use the smtp server assigned to your account "" as the SMTP outgoing server for your web applications(Replace to your own domain name). 

To get your SMTP server setup, please follow the below:
1) Login to your control panel
2) Make sure a domain name is added to your account by going to Hosting Control Panel -> Website Domain Manager
3) Once the domain name is added to your account, go to Hosting Control Panel -> Email Manager and activate your email service for your domain name.
4) Create the necessary email account that you need.  Your script MUST send from an valid Email account. So create the ones you need.
5) Done! Please follow below's code sample to send emails.


Persits ASPEmail sample code

Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender") 
Mailer.Host = "" 
Mailer.Username = "" 
Mailer.Password = "password" 
Mailer.FromName   = "" 
Mailer.AddAddress "" 
Mailer.Subject    = "This is a sample email sent from Persits ASPEMail" 
Mailer.Body   = "Congratulation" & VbCrLf & "If you receive this is, your mail component works" 
' catch errors 
On Error Resume Next 
If Err <> 0 Then ' error occurred 
      Response.Write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Err.Description 
     Response.Write "Mail sent..." 
End If