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API Name: loginAccount

Description: This api will return auto login in url for a hosting account under your reseller account.


API URL: https://resellerapi.myWindowsHosting.com/loginAccount


Parameter_Name         Type             Length                Description   
resellerid string 9 This is your reseller account's customer id
resellerkey guid 48 This is your reseller key
username string 8 to 20
This is the username of the hosting account.
password string 8 to 20
This is the password of the hosting account.


This function will return a 'successful' message and auto login in url.

{"result": {"status" : "true/false", "code" : "response_code", "message" : "response_message" , "data" : "auto login in url"}}

Error Code

G1000="Invalid Reseller Account/Authentication Error"
G1001="Invalid Hosting Account/Account Doesn't Belong To This Reseller"
G2000= [this is a general invalid parameter message]
G2001= [this is for other general error message]