Set schedule tasks on your own purpose.

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > Advance
You can schedule to call an URL in an interval with our basic schedule task. This function is available with .net premium and higher plan. The default quota is 3. If you need more, you can order from member account---> Add ons ---> "SCHTASK".
Please follow the steps below to set it up.
1. Please login to your hosting control panel 
2. Click on Hosting Control Panel --> Advance --> Schedule Tasks
3. Put in the target URL and fill the frequency you want to run it then click 'add' button
4. Frequency (in Minutes) must be at least 15 Minutes 
Please note "Call URL" means send HTTP GET request to your URL. It is not like browser URL from browser, the browser will perform other options such as post or other requests.
So if you want to trigger some special operations on your website or db, you will need to adjust your code to make sure a HTTP GET request is enough. Then create the task from Control Panel.
How about if you want to call URL more frequently such as every 2 minutes?   If so, you can consider our add-on product "Dedicated Task". See : "Dedicated Task"