How to transfer domain registration to Our end?

Control Panel V5 > Account Center
You can transfer domain names to that were registered elsewhere in order to have all of the elements of your site consolidated under one login and payment method. 

Note that we can only accept incoming transfer of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .name domains and so on. As with all domain registrar transfers, there will be a one-year extension to your domain registration period. The additional year's registration fee is paid when the transfer is initiated.


Before you initiate a domain registrar transfer in Control Panel, you must prepare the domain for transfer. Those preparations  include:
  1. Unlocking the domain if it is locked
  2. Disabling whois privacy if it is enabled
  3. Ensuring that you have access to the admin contact email address
  4. Obtaining the transfer authorization - or EPP - key

Please contact your domain registrar to get your domain ready to transfer.

Beginning the transfer

Please loging to your control panel-->domain section, click Buy/Transfer Domain Names button

Choose Transfer an Existing Domain and type in the domain you would like to transfer and click Submit Transfer Request to start it.

When you initiate the transfer, an email will be sent to the current admin contact for the domain. The email contains a link to an authorization page, where you can approve or deny the transfer request. You will need the authorization code from your previous domain registrar to complete the approval. 
If you do not approve the transfer within five days of initiating it, the transfer will be canceled and you must initiate it again by contacting our technician.

Completing the transfer

Once you have approved the transfer to us, the actual transfer between the two registrars can take a day or two. Depending on who the old registrar is, you may be able to speed up the process by also approving the transfer from their control panel. Though this is not always applicable, many of the larger registrars, such as GoDaddy, do allow for transfer approval.

While the transfer is in progress your domain will continue to function as normal (there is no "downtime" in a registrar transfer) and the domain's status will be Pending Transfer in the Control Panel. When the transfer is complete the domain status changes to Completed.