How to import my SSL certificate to your Web server?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > SSL
Sometimes, you may have got SSL from other providers. Thus you need to import your SSL to your website on our end. Please refer to the below instructions: 
1> Case one: You have your SSL .pfx file and its password. Then you can import it to your site via your Control Panel --->SSL, click  "Import Existing SSL Cert"
2> Case two : Your SSL provider could not offer .pfx file but give .cer/.crt file instead.  In such case, you will need to follow the below steps so you can get the SSL file imported successfully.
1. Generate CSR from us, please go to your hosting control panel-->SSL, click the "Generate CSR" button, and submit the form below info, our system would generate the CSR for you auto.
Common name:
Organizational Unit:
Important notice on Common Names:
For, the common name is:
For, the common name is:
For, the common name is:
For Wildcard SSL, the common name is: *
2. Contact your current SSL provider to re-issue your SSL with the new CSR file you get from our system.
3. After you get the new .cer/.crt file, you can Go to Control Panel --->SSL to import it to your site.