How can I restore mssql database to your server?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > Databases
If your website comes with a sql server database, you will need to migrate your it to our server as well. Please follow the instructions below to migration your sql server from your local to our server end. Please note, we offer you SQL server newest edition of sql server which is compatible with the lower version SQL Server database, you can restore your sql server database to higher edition of sql server database directly.
  1. Please backup your SQL server database from you local or download the backup file from your previous hosting account.
  2. Upload the backup file to your 'db' folder with FTP.
  3. Login to your hosting control panel-->DATABASES, to create a new mssql database, for more details, please click here
  4. Click "Restore Database" button beside the new database.
       5. then you can browse the backup file which you just uploaded to restore it.

If your current database is MSSQL 2000 database, you can not be able to restore it to mssql 2012 database directly,  you can attached (migrated) it first to a SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 instance, then backup it and restore it to the SQL Server 2012 instance.