Site Guard

Control Panel V5 > Account Center > Add ons
  •  What is site Guard 

Site Guard can stop buffer overflow, SQL injection, directory traversal, character encoding and other attacks. This way we can protect your sites against all known and unknown attacks. It's different from a regular Firewall.Firewall is included in all of our hosting package for free. However, firewall only protects our servers and network layers. Each and every individual are still vulnerable due to poor programming practice or lack of security knowledge. 95% of web applications out there have flaws that can let hacker intrude your website easily. That's why it's important to use our Site Guard service.
  •  How it works  

At first, you will need to know how the server response a HTTP request. When The browser send a request to the web server. The request will be handled by IIS default Modules and then the request go to HTTP handler which post the request info to your site content. What site Guard to do is add a high weight Module into IIS Modules, so all HTTP requests will filter from this module. By this way , if it detect abnormal requests , it will refuse the request and throw out error message "999 no hacking".Thus , you can see such error in your website IIS Raw log file and there is logs on our server end. You may ask how to prove it is working , you can try to hack your site and check the log.
  • How to turn on and turn off Site guard

  • After I turn on site guard, sometimes my customer get below error when visit my website.
"Error detected by Application Firewall"
For such issue, that should due to site guard identify some requests to your website which are abnormal. You can check your site IIS Raw log to see what trigger this. If it is urgent, you can turn off site guard at first. Please note that you will need to Turn On and Off it due to the control panel may show Off when site guard was enabled from server global level.