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Attaching, saving and sharing documents with colleagues online through our email inboxes has become routine behavior and a natural reality for modern businesses today. In fact, it is necessary for almost every business to be able to communicate and share documents with colleagues online and emails are frequently used as a tool to share these documents and files. Collaborating with partners and colleagues online has never been easier. Unfortunately, this sharing action causes email inboxes and servers to fill up rather quickly.At some point, email data storage will become a problematic issue if data storage is not managed correctly. This is true for a smaller company or a larger enterprise, and good advice is to address this issue before it becomes a major problem. 
We design a product named "CorpEmail". This add on will allow you to increase your domain email disk space to 20GB. One add on quota is for one domain name.
  • How to order it

You can go to member account ---> Add ons to find this product and  click "+" beside it. There are two payment items for it.
  • How to use it on your domain