How can I use the TOTP method for Two-Factor Authentication?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > Settings
As some customer come to inquire about 2FA in the past, so we enabled this feature with account login on our end. This article is talking about how to use this feature.
TOTP stands for Time-Based One-Time Password. This is a standardized method for generating a regularly-changing password that is based on a shared secret, ensuring that each code is unique.TOTP provides additional security because even if a traditional password is stolen or compromised, with a TOTP, the authentication app generates a new six-digit one-time security code (OTP) every 30 seconds to prevent your account from an unauthorized access.
To configure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you should link your account and the authentication app on your mobile device.
For the member TOTP 2FA method, you are able to use any of the TOTP-based applications, e.g., Google AuthenticatorAuthyLastPass Authenticator, etc. It is also possible to connect as many different devices as you’d like to your member account and use any of them to verify your second step.
To start using the TOTP 2FA method in your member account, go to Top right corner ---> settings --->2FA(2-Factor Authentication) ---> update.
Before you click on Enable, please make sure you have installed the App such as Google Authenticator on your phone.
Click on Enable and make sure you Save your QR code  or secrect code in a safe place. Due to these info only generated for one time. This is very important in case your device lost!
After you Scan the QR code with Google Authenticator app, you will get a six-digit code. Fill it and click Finish.
Congratulations, 2FA enabled. Now let's try to login.Go to the login page, fill in account username , password, security code. Then you will be redirect to below page:
Check the code from your App and then fill in. Submit it, you will get login to member account.

How to disable 2FA ?

Go to member account ---> settings --->2FA ---> Update ---> Remove.