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Usually, we have backup schedule on server end for backup customers' database. The db server will take and save 2 backup for db weekly. However, our backup is for service emergency resume usage, and we could not guarantee that backup always contain the data you need.Thus, we provide the add on "CustomBackup".
With this add on, you can:
  • Specific a time to backup your database.
  • The database backup file will be sent to your account db folder, and we will keep backup files within one week.
  • You can download the backup to your local via ftp any time time.
Please note that one CustomBackup Add on is for one db. For example, you will need to order 2 CustomBackup add on if you want to backup 2 databases.
If you have many databases, you can order  CustomBackup6 which is for 6 databases at the same time.
To order this add on, please go to member acccount ---> Add ons.