Why do you need dedicated pool per site?

Control Panel V5 > Hosting Control Panel > Advance

We are pleased to inform you that Unlimited Dedicated Application Pools is available to Premium Plan and Above. We have also given you 3x Ram resources for free! You will benefit greatly from this feature for hosting multiple sites.

IIS application pool serves websites and web applications hosted on the server. Dedicated IIS application pool allows you to have a level of isolation between websites. Since each dedicated application pool runs independently, errors in one application pool belonging to one site will not affect the applications running in other application pools dedicated to other sites.

Here are some critical points about why you Need Dedicated Application Pool Per Site:

1. Improved site reliability: This isolation prevents apps from affecting the performance of each other.

2. Better application availability: When applications running on one application pool aren’t impacted by errors in applications running on different application pools, even when hosted on the same account, it leads to an improved app or site availability.

3. Improved Security: Application pools enable you to secure application pools from each other by configuring different security settings for various sites or apps.

4. Ease of application management: By leveraging the isolation feature of application pools, you can assign different settings and .NET versions for various applications and easily separate resource-intensive apps from each other.

For those companies which need reliable and secure websites, hosting dedicated application pool to each site is especially helpful and strongly recommended.

How to create dedicated pool per site?

You can create pool, modify pool and delete pool from hosting control panel -> advance -> pool manager.