How do I connect to my site with Adobe Dreamweaver?

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This document is a quick step by step guide on how to connect to your web site with Adobe Dreamweaver MX. Other versions of Dreamweaver may vary slightly.

Adobe Dreamweaver 4, CS3, CS5 and Dreamweaver MX allow you to connect to remote sites using FTP. The following instructions are written for Dreamweaver MX.
      1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver MX
      2. Go to Site -> New Site. You should new see the "Site Definition" dialog box
      3. Switch to "Advanced View"
      4. Select Local Info in the Category section
      5. Enter a name you want to identify your member account in the "Site Name" box
      6. Enter your domain name in the "HTTP Address" box
      7. Select "Remote Info" in the "Category" section
      8. Change "Access" dropdown box to FTP
      9. Enter your ftp address in the "FTP Host Name" box. You can enter either your FTP address (like or the alternative FTP address in this box.
     10. VERY IMPORTANT put your Site Folder Name for "Host Directory".  Ex: If your site folder name is Site1, put Site1. You can find our site name in your control panel -> Website Hosting Manager and see the folder that your current site is mapped to.
     11. Enter your username in the "Login" box
     12. Enter your password in the "Password" box
     13. Check "Use Passive FTP"
     14. Click OK
You should now see the new site you just defined in the "Files" panel.
The above is the most basic setup for Dreamweaver MX to connect to Our web servers.