Deploying a Lightswitch Application to your hosting account

Authoring Tools > Visual Studio 2010/2012
You can deploy your own Lightswitch Application to your hosting account with us, and please follow the steps below to deploy it.

1. Please login to your hosting control panel-->Websites--> show web deploy info below your website to enable web deploy on the site which you want to deploy with your Lightswitch application.

2. You can find your web deploy login Service URL, Site/Application and Username/Password info there.

  Service URL:https://yourusername-001-site1.********:8172/MsDeploy.axd
  Site/Application: yourusername-001-site1
  Username: ifc\yourusername-001
  Password: It is your hosting account password by default

3.we need to deploy our Lightswitch application. In my case this is Desktop application hosted in an IIS Server. It let you choose between Web and Desk…  For a shared host remember to NOT check the prerequisites are installed.

4. Set the site preferences… file your VS web deploy login info

5. With the MSSQL DB information setup your database connection strings or if you are connecting to an existing DB ensure you connection string is correct.

6. If you are using the Developer Express XtraReport for Lightswitch you need to verify the connection string here.

7. Specify a cert if you have one…

8. Click publish after you  confirm the setting look right

9. If you are deploying a XtraReport with you Lightswitch application you need to remember to also FTP over the dll’s for DevExpress.

10. Now you can run your Lighswitch Application