How do I set up an Access database connection for ASP.NET pages using Dreamweaver?

Authoring Tools > Dreamweaver

This article is based on connecting with Dreamweaver MX 2004. Later versions may vary.

    * Set up your site in Dreamweaver following this Knowledge Base article
    * Open or create a new ASP.NET page
    * Expand the Application panel and select the Databases tab
    * Click on the add (+) button, and select OLE DB Connection
    * In the OLE DB Connection window, enter a Connection name
    * Choose either one of these connection strings below, and enter it in the Connection String textbox

         If you are using a DSN that you created in Control Panel, enter:

          "DSN=[DSN Name]"

         If you want to use a DSN-less connection (recommended), enter:

  "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=[Path to Database]"

    * Click on the Test button to test the connection. Once successful, click OK

You can now use the database connection in the Dreamweaver wizards when inserting datasets or query results.

Note: Dreamweaver will upload scripts to your site to test the database connection. For security purposes, Adobe recommends removing these connection scripts once your site has been deployed. Click on Site menu > Advanced > Remove Connection Scripts.