How to set up FTP connection with CuteFTP?

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This article explains how to configure FTP connection with CuteFTP.
Before you start it, please click here to check your FTP details
  1. Start CuteFTP
  2. You should see the Connection Wizard dialog box, click Cancel
  3. Click File -> Site Manager, you should now see the Site Settings for New Site dialog field
  4. Enter a name you want to use to identify your account in the label for site field
  5. Enter FTP address in the FTP Host Address field. You can obtain FTP address from Control Panel (like
  6. Enter your username in the FTP site User Name field
  7. Enter your password in the FTP site Password 
  8. Click the Edit button, you should now see the Site Properties dialog box
  9. Make sure User PASV mode is checked
  10. Make sure the Default Remote Directory is blank
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Connect