Running Telnet and Traceroute on MAC OS

Miscellaneous questions and troubleshooting

Go to the Applications folder.
Navigate to the Utilities folder.
Click on Terminal.

At the command prompt enter:

telnet [full domain name] [port number]

and then:

traceroute [full domain name]

To capture the result and place it in a text file, go to Terminal Service Menu bar. 

Go to Edit/Select All.  After everything is Highlighted go back to the menu bar Edit/Copy.

Go to Applications folder.
Navigate to TextEdit application.
Once TextEdit is open to to the TextEdit menu bar. 
Click on Edit/Paste.
Save the text file.

Note:  The value [full domain name] can be any domain name.  As an example where is the domain to your account.  [port number] is the port number you will be testing such as port 25 for SMTP, port 21 for FTP, or port 1433 for MS SQL.