Deploying a Visual Studio 2010 Web Application Project to Our web server using FTP

Authoring Tools > Visual Studio 2010/2012
The following instructions apply only to Web Application Projects.  For Web Site Projects, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Where can I find my FTP login info, please click here for details
To publish your web application using FTP:
  • Open the project in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Click Build -> Publish.  This will bring up the "Publish Web" dialog box.
  • Change the "Publish Method" to FTP.
  • In the target location field, enter FTP host(Very Important). For primary FTP user, please use ftp://ftp address/site1 to publish files to site1. Replace "site1" with the directory you wish to publish the application to, like site2, site3, ....  For additional ftp users, just set the ftp address to ftp://ftp address. If you are publishing to subdirectory, please make sure it exists on the server.
  • In username field, enter the FTP user name.
  • In the password field, enter the FTP password.
  • Click Publish.