Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I upgrade my 60 days free trial account?
To upgrade your free trial account to paid windows hosting account, please login to your control panel. Once you login, you should see a "Upgrade Now" button next to your hosting plan.

Q2:How can I upgrade from a lower hosting plan to a higher plan?
You can upgrade your hosting plan in your control panel-> Account Overview. Next to your hosting account login button, there should be an 'UP' arrow. Click on the arrow to upgrade.

Q3: What are the restrictions/limitations for MSSQL & MySQL databases in your shared hosting plans?
-For .net basic plan: You can create one MYSQL database, one MSSQL database with 1GB MYSQL space, 1GB MSSQL space in total.

-For .net advance plan: You can create 3 MYSQL databases, 3 MSSQL databases with 3GB MYSQL space, 3GB MSSQL space in total.

-For .net premium plan: You can create unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited MSSQL databases with 10GB MYSQL space, 10GB MSSQL space in total.

Q4: What is my IP address? I need to point my domain name to it.
You can find your IP in your Control Panel -> DNS Manager. However, we strongly recommend you to use our Nameservers. Our DNS name servers are NS1.SITE4NOW.NET and NS2.SITE4NOW.NET and NS3.SITE4NOW.NET.

Q5: How come my web space quota is only 5GB and I can't upload anymore.
All hosting account have a soft limit of 5GB until their account is verified by our administrator to make sure it doesn't violate our TOS. If you reach the soft limit, you can contact us via our helpdesk system to verify your account and remove this limit.

Q6: Do you support ASP and PHP script?
Yes, all of our plans support ASP, PHP 5.2.x & 5.4.x, ASP.NET2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5.

Q7: Do you have Monthly billing option?
Sorry, we only accept 3-months, 6-months and yearly payments.

Q8: Do you support SSRS (SQL server reporting service)?
Yes, our Premium Windows plan and higher plans support it.

Q9:Do you accept credit card?
We do accept credit card payments. You have an option of choose the credit card to be processed by Paypal or Regular Payment Gatways.

Q10: Does support Bank Transfers or Western Union?
We do accept both bank transfers and western union. Please contact our helpdesk for payment instructions.

Q11: How does the 60days Free Trial and 60days full refund works?
You can start your 60 Days free trial anytime without any payment. When you decide to pay, that's when your hosting plan starts. 60 Days money back guaranteed starts on the day you pay us. If you cancel after the 60 days from the day you pay, you'll get a refund on your unused months of hosting service.

Q12: Can I send email using my scripts?
60 Days trial account doesn't have SMTP service, so you cannot send email on your site. However PAID hosting account does support this and you'll be able to send email using your scripts (ASP.NET , PHP, ASP). For more info on how to send email using your scripts, please click [here]

Q13: Does your windows hosting account include domain service?
Hosting account fee does not include a free domain name. We do provide a temporary domain name for you to test your website. However, if you wish to have your own domain, you can register it from us. Our domain registration starts at $10/yr.

Q14: Where can I find my MYSQL/MSSQL database info?
You can login to your hosting control panel ->Database Manager ->MSSQL manager/MYSQL manager to create a database, then click 'Manager' icon beside it to check the database details.

Q15: Can I transfer my current domain to you? Is there any fee?
Yes, you can transfer your current domain to us, Please click here for the transfer process. There is no fee to transfer domain. But you will need to renew the domain name for one more year when you submit the transfer request according to ICANN's requirement.